How is the Blackjack strategy memorized?


How is the Blackjack strategy memorized?

Many people learn basic strategy through tables, but it’s hard enough to remember table crossings, so your best bet best online casino would be to understand the why behind each situation. The problem, however, is that there are now several variations, even subtle ones, in the rules of blackjack and, consequently, the tables differ for each variation even if slightly, so it is difficult, if you do not have a card, to make the move. right. There are many casinos that allow you to take a small map the size of a credit card with you, while others don’t. Obviously for those who play malaysia online betting online this is not a problem as they will have their table in front of their eyes. For those who go to the casino instead I suggest choosing the game table with your favorite rules

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Considering the example above, we know that if we have 16, then we have to stop if the dealer has 2,3,4,5 or 6, while we have to roll if the dealer has 7,8,9,10 or A. So the rule will be : “ When our score is 16 we have to stop against a 2-6 and shoot in the other cases”. Since the same rule must also be applied when we have 13,14 and 15 we could group it for all these initial scores. In this way we reduce the difficulty of memorization by passing from a tabular form to a simplified descriptive form. Later to memorize all these rules you will have to make some bristol cards where on the back you indicate your initial score and on the other side indicate the corresponding rule to apply. It will be enough to practice a little during your free time to discover that learning will be really easy and fast: only a matter of a few days.

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